Workforce Development

Valley CAN has partnered with community colleges and high schools throughout the San Joaquin Valley to develop an electric vehicle (EV) Workforce Training curriculum. Courses are designed to train students in the latest clean vehicle technology and equip them with the technical skills for careers in this fast-growing industry. Valley CAN takes pride in supporting this influx of technology and education into the San Joaquin Valley – an area that is aptly positioned to be a hub for the future clean cars workforce.

For all questions about Workforce Training, please contact Rocky Carlisle

“I just received my certificate of achievement for completing the 40 hour EV intro safety & service (ASE L3). I took the class in Stockton at Delta with professor Bonnema… Professor Bonnema did a great job and I learned a lot from all the homework and all the hands on lab experience. I can now service a Prius with a bad battery and bring it back to life and got some experience diagnosing many faults in a Prius via the test car in Bonnema’s shop. I could go on and on but I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate this opportunity it was a great experience I’d suggest to anyone interested in getting into working on hybrids or electrical vehicles.
Cameron Farrens


Current Courses Offered
40 hours Introductory Course to Electric Vehicle Maintenance
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4-Unit Course: Basic Electric Vehicle Diagnosis and Repair
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4-Unit Course: Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Courses Under Development
4-Unit Course: Advanced Electric Vehicle Diagnosis and Repair

Course Dates

Introductory Course
Fresno City College
INTRODUCTION TO ZEVs (Zero Emissions Vehicles)
04/11/23 – 05/18/2023

Merced College
Intro to Electrified Vehicles
Runs from October 17th – December 15th, 2022

4-Unit Basic Electric Vehicle Diagnosis and Repair
Bakersfield College
Fall 2022

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