Valley CAN’s Response to COVID-19

Valley CAN’s Response to COVID-19

During this uncertain & difficult time, Valley CAN is working hard to serve our customers while prioritizing public health.  Here you can read more about Valley CAN’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and what kind of steps we are taking to ensure public safety.

social distancing

Our team members are working at home and following safe social distancing. Our outreach methods have been adapted to radio, phone, and social media rather than in-person meetings.

We’ve postponed All Events

All Community Clean Car Clinics and Tune In & Tune Up smog repair events are postponed until further notice.

distribution of ELECTRONIC smog repair vouchers

We are excited to announce that Valley CAN has adapted our Tune In & Tune Up program to safely offer free smog repairs. Working together as a community, we are able to offer smog repairs safely to those in need, continue to support Valley businesses, and continue to clean the air! Instead of holding in-person events, our team is ready to help you by phone. For more information, please see our virtual event page.

Why should I use my voucher during this time?

If you still need to use your car to get to an essential job, transportation is a necessity. We must keep trying our best not to pollute the air. Clean air is essential, especially during the Coronavirus crisis.

Why? Air pollution causes respiratory disease and exacerbates many of the symptoms of COVID-19. We must remember that air quality is an important aspect of public health, especially during this time.

We also want to help drivers keep their smog checks and registrations up to date. When driving to necessary appointments or jobs, we don’t want people to worry about getting pulled over for expired vehicle registration.

If you can use careful precautionary measures (masks, gloves, sanitizer, social distancing) to minimize risk while bringing your car to a shop, then we can still support our local businesses. Our partner smog shops have been hit hard by this crisis and need our community’s support.

Please contact if you have any questions about using your voucher.


We are working hard to make this process as safe as possible. If you are feeling unwell or have had contact will an ill individual, please stay at home and practice safe quarantine behaviors.

Each smog shop we work with has adopted its own safety measures to keep customers and employees safe.

These include:
• Gloves & face masks
• Regular hand-washing
• Hand sanitizer
• Distance markers
• Plastic steering wheel & seat covers
• No-touch open doors
• Surface disinfectants & sanitizers
• Aerosol disinfectants
• No-contact vehicle drop-offs
• Electronic paperwork & vouchers
• Scheduling & communication by phone

Please call us with any questions about the smog shop you have been referred to and what their specific safety protocols are.

our Vehicle Replacement Program is running REMOTELY

The Drive Clean in the San Joaquin Vehicle Replacement Program is still accepting applications & helping customers remotely.

Please visit this link for more information about how to apply.

You can also fill out our online interest form and one of our staff members will contact you.

Please contact our team at one of these numbers:
209-808-2939  or  559-852-9282  or 661-372-4112

no-contact methods for our vehicle replacement program

Instead of meeting with customers at our Community Clean Car Clinics, our team members can speak directly to all customers by phone, email, or text.

Customers can email or text photos of their documents to us instead of giving us papers in-person.

We can put together your application remotely.  Once you’re approved, you can shop for cars online.

why should I retire/replace my vehicle during this time?

Many essential workers in the San Joaquin Valley must still drive their cars to work.  A $9,500 down payment incentive can greatly help those who need a more reliable vehicle that needs little to no gasoline. 

Some people now have more available time, which could be an opportunity to organize your paperwork, speak with us on the phone, and put together an application while staying at home.