Clean Car Clinics List


We want to do our best to continue to keep retiring and replacing vehicles during this time. We will maintain as much distance as possible & keep everything as low contact possible. We can help all of our customers over the phone and online.

Please reach out with questions:  209-451-8987  or  559-852-9282  or 661-372-4112.

Email us at

Please check back with us for updates about future events.

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Is your car 1999 or older?
Does it fail emissions?

We can help you retire your vehicle and  replace it with a 2013 or newer model with a down payment check of up to $9,500!

What to bring to a Clean Car Clinic?

1.  Voucher from event OR recently failed emissions test

2. Last 2 years of registration (2018 – present)

3. Last 2 years proof of insurance (2018 – present)

4. Vehicle Title

5. First 2 pages of 2019 1040 tax return (you can cover the SSN, we don’t need it)

6. 1st page of current PG&E bill

 7. Valid CA Driver’s License

Questions about this program?

Call: 209-808-2939 or 209-451-8987