Apply for Vehicle Replacement from Home

Vehicle Replacement Program
Apply from Home

Valley CAN employees are working hard from home to make sure our services are still available during this time! Special thanks to the Valley Air District & California Climate Investments for making this program possible. For general information about vehicle replacement, and to learn more about the program, please visit our vehicle replacement page. For more information about Valley CAN’s response to COVID-19, read more here.

Please view the video below to learn about how simple, easy, & safe it is to apply for vehicle replacement while staying at home.

Call or Text Us

 Please call us at one of these phone numbers:
209-808-2939 or 559-852-9282 or 661-372-4112

Sign Up Online

Please sign up on our online interest form.

Other Requirements

You must live in one of the counties in the San Joaquin Valley to qualify. Your zip code must be approved in your application. Additional income requirements, MPG requirements, and more may apply. More information can be found here.

Requested Documents

1. $500 smog repair voucher from a Tune In & Tune Up event, or a recent failed ASM emissions test 
(Within the past 6 months)

2. 2 years vehicle registration
(2019 – present if you have it)

3. 2 years proof of vehicle insurance
(2019 – present if you have it)

4. Vehicle title
(You must have owned your car for at least 6 months)
(Needs to be under your name for at least 6 months)

5. First 2 pages of 2019 1040 tax return
(You can cover the SSN, we don’t need it)

6.  First page of current PG&E or SoCal Edison bill
(It does not have to be under your name)

7. Valid CA Driver’s License


Email us at:

Call us at: 209-808-2939 or 559-852-9282 or 661-372-4112.

Visit our FAQ page here.

Why should I replace my vehicle during this time?

Some people now have more available time, which could be an opportunity to organize your paperwork, speak with us on the phone, and put together an application while staying at home.

Many essential workers in the San Joaquin Valley must still drive their cars to work.  A $9,500 down payment incentive can greatly help those who need a more reliable vehicle that needs little to no gasoline. 

Drive Clean in the San Joaquin is a program of the Valley Air District.