Who We Are & What We Do

Valley Clean Air Now (Valley CAN), is a 501(c)(3) public charity committed to quantifiably reducing air emissions in California’s San Joaquin Valley, the region with the worst air quality in the United States.

We seek to improve public health and quality of life in disadvantaged communities by qualifying low-income residents for multiple incentive-based programs.

We primarily focus on vehicle repair and replacement programs, which aim to reduce air pollution, address climate issues, and reduce transportation costs.

Our Goals:

Provide a Positive Solution – Demonstrate that economic incentives can reduce overlooked sources of air pollution while improving public health and the local economy.

Grow Community Bonds – Succeed by building an extended community network of trusted partners to drive steady demand for environmental incentives in disadvantaged communities throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Build a Replicable Model – Serve as an example of how to cost-effectively mitigate impacts in disadvantaged communities statewide.

Create a Long-Term Market – Establish a predictable model to convert mitigation funds into tangible environmental and social improvements in over-impacted communities.

Where We Serve

Valley CAN serves economically and environmentally impacted communities within the San Joaquin Valley Air Basin, including the following eight counties:

● Fresno County

● Kern County (partial)

● Kings County

● Madera County

● Merced County

● San Joaquin County

● Stanislaus County

● Tulare County