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Vehicle Replacement Interest Form 

Please leave your information at the link above.

We need copies of these documents:
1. 2 years registration
2. 2 years proof of insurance
3. Vehicle title
4. First 2 pages of 2017 1040 tax return
5. PG&E bill if applicable
6. Driver’s License

You may email them to

If you have submit your information & documents, please contact:
Adylene Felix: 209-430-8821
Anna Vargas: 209-451-8987

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What is Vehicle Replacement?

The Drive Clean in the San Joaquin program will replace your old high-polluting vehicle with a newer, cleaner vehicle! Upgrade to a hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle. This program is limited to vehicle owners residing in the jurisdiction of the San Joaquin Air Valley Air District that meet residence, income, vehicle ownership and usage requirements. 


Current Vehicle

  • Currently operational
  • Recently failed smog/emissions test
  • Gas powered
  • Model year 1999 or older


  • Household income must be at or below 400% of federal poverty level. We use a copy of your tax return or W-2 for your most recent year to determine household income and number of persons in household.


Replacement Options

Fuel Efficient vehicle

Replace your old vehicle with a 2011 or newer fuel-efficient model.

Pickup Truck
Replace your old truck with a new more fuel efficient pick-up truck.
Mini Van
Replace your old vehicle with a newer fuel-efficient minivan.
Advanced Technology
Replace your old vehicle with an even more efficient hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicle.