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Tune In & Tune Up

Non-profit organizations are invited to participate in the Tune In &: Tune Up events. For more information, please contact: jose.marin@valley-can.org

2014 Event Dates

Apr. 26
Turlock - Stanislaus County Fairgrounds

May 10
Bakersfield - Kern County Fairgrounds

May 31
Tulare - International Agri-Center

June 14
Los Banos - Merced County Spring Fair

June. 28
Lemoore - West Hills College


What is the Tune In & Tune Up Smog Program?

Valley CAN is proud to sponsor a car clean up outreach effort to help eliminate mobile source pollutants generated by older, "out of tune" cars in the San Joaquin Valley. It is well known that the Valley is home to a large number of older cars, many of which do not have current smog certificates. Through partnerships with local businesses, Valley CAN is able to provide a venue for the demonstration and coupons to a local certified smog shop for vehicles to be repaired.

How Do I Participate?

Simply come to the event and your vehicle will be tested using a hand held device. It will detect if your vehicle is a high polluter within minutes! No paperwork or registration is necessary to participate — just you and your vehicle!

What Happens If My Car Does Not Pass?

If your vehicle is deemed as a high polluter, Valley CAN will give you a $500 coupon to repair your vehicle. No paperwork, no reporting, no government entities are involved or will be contacted. The $500 can only be used for diagnostic testing or smog repair work. See coupon for further details.

Tune In & Tune Up Reports

Tune In & Tune Up Partners

The Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy Initiative (ATTEi) is part of the California Community College's Economic and Workforce Development Program and was created as a means for keeping California competitive as a national leader in advanced transportation technologies and to transform the workforce in the rapidly developing, technology-driven transportation industry, while improving the environment and stimulating the economy.

Tune In & Tune Up Video