Valley CAN is a non-profit advocacy group committed to improving air quality in communities throughout the California San Joaquin Valley. As a part of its purpose, Valley CAN will:

  • Serve as a leader in educating the public in the need to take personal responsibility for the reduction of air pollution.
  • Promote voluntary actions to reduce air pollution by individuals, government, agriculture, business and industry.
  • Seek to initiate and publicize creative new approaches to reduce air pollution.
  • Sponsor pilot programs and educational efforts dedicated to providing solutions to high emissions sources.

Is Your Vehicle a Gross Polluter?
Valley CAN is proud to sponsor car clean up events to help eliminate mobile source pollutants generated by older, “out of tune” cars in the San Joaquin Valley. Join Valley CAN and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District for a FREE event in your area. Find out more

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